Be Results-Oriented!


Social entrepreneurs are infamous for wanting to use their passion from within and immediately going out there and taking action. This is a one of the key entrepreneurial skills.

Take Action, But Reevaluate Your Actions Too

Taking action is fantastic and that’s what social enterprise and social entrepreneurs are all about. Without action change will not happen but beyond taking concerted activities to help other people and change the world, my message for you today is that taking action is not enough, there must be more than just action.

Social entrepreneurs must be results oriented. Being results oriented means whenever you do take actions, you take a step back and you revaluate your actions, you gather your team together, you debrief and you get feedback from the other passionate leaders within your team, but also with the beneficiaries of your programs and your projects.

Measure Your Results, and Change Your Actions If Necessary

Through getting feedback from external factors as well as from within your organisation as well as within yourself and of course the important indicators of your program you’re more able to clearly define whether or not you’re actually received and gained your results.

Being results oriented is what is all about as a social entrepreneurs. Without clearly understanding if our on target, if you are moving towards you results, it would be very hard for you to ever create a social impact in a definitive way.

Tangible Social Impact is More Important Than Mere Wishes

Be results oriented and that’s my message for today social entrepreneurs. The best entrepreneurial skills include being able to take action and apart from taking action, measure your results, get feedback and change your actions if not on track to getting those results.

If you keep doing that, that my friends, is the ultimate success formula for you to achieve your goals and create social impact.