3 Books on Social Entrepreneurship You Should Read

For those who know me well, they know that I love to read books. I love learning. But a unique thing about me is that I also take action with what I’ve learnt too. I’ve always tried to espouse this. You may be keen to learn more about social entrepreneurship, so as you take actions in your life as well, why not check out these 3 social entrepreneurship books to get you even more inspired?

1. Books on Social Entrepreneurship By David Bornstein

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How to Change the World: Social Entrepreneurs and the Power of New Ideas by David Bornstein is one of the most influential books on social entrepreneurship.

Published in over twenty countries, it’s become the Bible for social entrepreneurs. It profiles men and women from around the world who’ve found innovative solutions to a number of social and economic problems.

From those working to deliver energy to Brazilian villagers to those improving access to college in the US, readers are sure to find inspiration in the stories of these social entrepreneurs who are changing the world for the better.

The book features many surprising facts about social entrepreneurship, including the fact that 97% of Gen Y say they are looking for work that allows them to have an impact on the world.

2. Books on Social Entrepreneurship By Tania Ellis

One of the more recent books on social entrepreneurship is The New Pioneers: Sustainable business success through social innovation and social entrepreneurship by Tanya Ellis.

The book is a practical guide that will appeal to both capitalists and idealists by offering ideas on how to navigate in the new economic world order. The book focuses on the social megatrends that are shaping our lives in new ways and creating anew face of capitalism.

The pioneers who are paving the way for the new business revolution are the social entrepreneurs, and Ellis asserts that they are this century’s generation of visionary leaders. Through their work, they are proving to hardcore business people that they can increase their profits by incorporating social responsibility into their business models. At the same time, idealists are realizing that the use of market methods helps them to meet their social goals more successfully.

3. Books on Social Entrepreneurship Around the World

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Books on social entrepreneurship around the world, such as International Social Entrepreneurship: Pathways to Personal and Corporate Impact by Joseph Mark Munoz, explore the current definitions, concepts and methodologies pertaining to social entrepreneurship on a global scale.

The Munoz book showcases real-life cases and stories of individual social entrepreneurs and the companies they’ve founded which have made a positive impact in various parts of the world. The book will be very attractive to students with an interest in global development because of its academic nature.

Despite the growing interest in social entrepreneurship there are a limited number of academic materials on the subject, and this book is one of those resources. The book identified and discusses viable strategies for both students and executives who want to harness the forces of globalization for social good, and provides fresh insights on eh meaning of citizen ship in a global environment.