Bret Michaels, Holly Robinson Peete & Going Against the Odds For Your Family

Bret Michaels
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Yesterday I talked about lessons from the social causes of famous people as seen in Donald Trump’s “Celebrity Apprentice”.

One aspect of that show that impacted and affected me came from Season 9. In that particular season, you come to witness what drives people – even celebrities – to go against the odds.

What Drives Some Celebrities to Give Their All?

I was awestruck by discovering that what absolutely drove the two finalists, Bret Michaels and Holly Robinson Peete, was their passion to overcome a social issue that was affecting their own family.

Holly Robinson Peete and Fighting Autism

On the one hand, Holly Robinson Peete, a mother and actress from shows like “Hangin’ with Mr Cooper” (which I used to watch as a kid) was totally committed to raising as much money for the HollyRod Foundation. The reason she had dedicated herself to this foundation was that she and her husband Rodney Peete, a former NFL quarterback, actually created the foundation.

In the show, you discover that one of her sons, Rodney Jr, was diagnosed with autism at the age of 3. What inspired Holly in the show was to raise as much money so that her foundation could help find solutions for autism in their community. You can definitely see and feel the passion she has for the cause, which stems from the love of her children. She raised a total of $597,893 for the HollyRod Foundation.

Bret Michaels and the Fight Against Diabetes

On the other hand, Bret Michaels, a father and lead singer of the rock band “Poison”, put his whole heart and soul into raising money for the American Diabetes Association. You discover that he himself was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when he was six years old.

Throughout the show, you see that Bret is a little crazy at times (which perhaps comes from his rocker personality), but he is very creative and energetic. In the show you even see Bret shed some tears when he discovers that his daughter Raine may have contracted the diabetes disease from him. In a dramatic turn of events, you even witness Bret overcome a serious brain hemorrhage and a hole in his heart (patent foramen ovale). In the end, you realize that he really is a fighter, and after going against all the odds, he triumphs as the Celebrity Apprentice winner. He raised a total of $640,000 for the American Diabetes Association.

You Can Be a Social Entrepreneur From Where You Are

Watching this season was very inspirational. You come to realize the importance of family in these celebrities’ lives through the effort and struggle that Bret and Holly were willing to go through. It’s no wonder that they both ended up as the finalists. They both wanted to contribute to the world by helping to find solutions to diseases that affected their family but which affect many other families too.

What issues affect your family and your community which you could help solve?