Calling ALL Philippines Social Entrepreneurs & Social Enterprises

Hey all,

Suspended... [Photo by bingbing] (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Just a reminder that last week I announced that a friend and I are very keen to support Philippine social entrepreneurs and social enterprises through funding opportunities and other kinds of support online that are used for business development.

If you are a passionate person in the Philippines who wants to start up and build your own positive impact business or a nonprofit which has social goals or environmental goals to make a difference in the Philippines, then be sure to sign up to the subcriber list NOW!

I’m very happy that a number of people and organizations in the Philippines have signed up already! BUT we still want more interested persons to sign up.

Our aim is to get 1000 sign ups. If we achieve this target, then it will prove to us that the demand for this service is very strong and we will definitely create the online funding and support platforms for soc ents in the Philippines.

Sign up today for free!

We want to reach out and help you. We are driven and passionate to provide this service for business development, nonprofits and social enterprises in the Philippines that are making positive change in the community. I’m Filipino myself and I truly believe in the power of supporting people like you.

Matthew =)