What resources, skills, drives, motivations do need to get your social project started? – Ask Matt: Live from Jerusalem, Israel

Hey everybody, it’s Matthew Alberto – live in Jerusalem, Israel. It’s the next day and I’ve had a good sleep. Later today, I’m actually going to meet with a number of social entrepreneurship bloggers from around the world. They’ll come here soon and we’re going to have dinner together, and I’m waiting on them. Today […]

Social Entrepreneurship in Israel: Special Announcement of Upcoming Trip

Hey everybody. It’s me, Matthew Alberto and I’m here on location in Taiwan where my business headquarters is for the next couple of months and where I’m learning Chinese. I’ve got exciting news. On Sunday, I’m actually going to Jersualem, Israel and from there I’ll be travelling across Israel. I’ll be meeting and interviewing a […]

Lessons from a Social Entrepreneur & Kung Fu Master: Lizza Gebilagin, Founder of Corker

Hey Everybody and welcome to today’s episode of the Social Entrepreneurship Series. Today, we have a special guest which is Lizza Gebilagin from Sydney, Australia. She’s the founder of the social enterprise, Corker Magazine. She’s also a scholar from the School of Social Entrepreneurs. And, shes also a recent graduate from an intense kung fu […]