Social Entrepreneurship in Israel: Special Announcement of Upcoming Trip

Hey everybody. It’s me, Matthew Alberto and I’m here on location in Taiwan where my business headquarters is for the next couple of months and where I’m learning Chinese.

I’ve got exciting news.

On Sunday, I’m actually going to Jersualem, Israel and from there I’ll be travelling across Israel. I’ll be meeting and interviewing a number of social entrepreneurs in Israel, and finding out more about the social entrepreneurship scene there.

I’m going to take you with me on this special Social Entrepreneurship Adventure Series for 7 days in Israel.

Stay tuned and come with me to Israel.

Bye Bye!

Special Note: Join along with me as I video record the whole trip and watch as I meet interesting people and discover the culture =)

Lessons from a Social Entrepreneur & Kung Fu Master: Lizza Gebilagin, Founder of Corker

Hey Everybody and welcome to today’s episode of the Social Entrepreneurship Series.

Today, we have a special guest which is Lizza Gebilagin from Sydney, Australia.

She’s the founder of the social enterprise, Corker Magazine.

She’s also a scholar from the School of Social Entrepreneurs.

And, shes also a recent graduate from an intense kung fu course in China.

Apart from that, she’s also a good friend.

So, this is a really interesting interview and chat that we have.

Why is this important for you?

Firstly, you get to learn more on a personal level about Lizza, such as how she grew up and where she’s from and how she got into social entrepreneurship.

Another thing you’ll learn is about how she actually got the scholarship from the School of Social Entrepreneurs and the lessons she learned.

Next, you’ll also find out how she defines social entrepreneurship, which I know many of you are interested in learning more about.

Additionally, you’ll find out the projects that she’s working on – some really exciting stuff.

Finally, she’ll give advice for aspiring social entrepreneurs and she even gives some lessons about what she learned from kung fu and how that can apply to improving your social entrepreneurship journey.

Stay tuned for the lessons from a social entrepreneur and kung fu master – Lizza Gebilagin.


Before we continue on with the interview with Lizza, I wanted to give a massive shoutout to Jessica Hendrawidjaja.

She commented that she loves the SocEnt Series, and that she’s been follwing the blog for quite some time. She also talked about how she’s starting up an event in the event to promote social entrepreneurship and I hope that goes well.

If anyone elses wants to send questions or comments, then do so, and I’ll send you a shoutout especially if you say your name, about yourself and where you’re from.

Partners for the Social Entrepreneurship Series

I’m very happy to announce that the Social Entrepreneurship Series has locked in a number of partners and sponsors to help fund the series. The way that I’m going to partner and select the partners is that I will make sure that they are interesting and related to my audience. If you’re a social entrepreneur, I want to make sure that the partners that we talk about and highlight are relevant for you.

The first partner that I wanted to thank and highlight is Business Plan Pro.

Click here to visit the Business Plan PRO website

That is a software program offered by Palo Alto software and I want to thank them and highlight them for being a partner of the show. If you’re a social entrepreneur and you want to write up a business plan, then this software is great for you especially if you’re a creative, or you’re form another discipline and you didn’t study business yourself, then this is a great way for you to start. I’ve used the software myself, and it is very organised because it breaks down a business plan very easily for you. It asks you to put in your information in the right areas, and it organises it for you. In the interview with Lizza that’s coming up, we actually talk about how important it is for you to write up a business plan and she even talks about how she struggled when she started.

Business Plan Pro Premier

A business plan software is useful because it can help you get funding when you have to propose your business to investors and other clients. It’s also important for you as a social entrepreneur yourself to get organised.

Thank you Business Plan Pro for partnering up with the Social Entrepreneurship Series. If this software sounds interesting and useful for you out there, then do check out their website.

Click here to visit the Business Plan PRO website

If you click on the link, visit their website and buy from them, then you’ll not only get value from the software to creare your business plan, but you’ll also help to support the Social Entrepreneurship Series.

Check them out, and now onto the interview with Lizza.

Which Universities are Providing Social Entrepreneurship Programs?

Which universities are providing social entrepreneurship programs?

That’s the question we answer today in this episode of Ask Matt.

Why would this episode be useful for you?

Firstly, many people have been askng me about learning social entrepreneurship. This episode will answer alot of those questions, especially in regards to learning about social entrepreneurship from a university.

Another benefit is that I actually go through 5 different countries in which social entrepreneurship programs are being offered. From the USA, India, Philippines, UK and Australia – in each of those countries, I examine different programmes being offered by universities.

I also talk about the positives and negatives of social entrepreneurship university programmes.

Finally, another benefit for you is that I talk about alternatives ways to learn more about social entrepreneurship which doesn’t involved getting a university degree and forking out $50,000 to $100,000 or more.

Listen to this Podacast. Press Play.

So if you’re considering taking a university social entrepreneurship program or you want to learn more about social entrepreneurship, check out this podcast and listen to it. I’m sure it will benefit you.

Stay tuned.

What’s Social Entrepreneurship All About?

“What’s Social Entreprenuership All About?”

That’s the question we answer in today’s episode of “Ask Matt”.

Now the question was asked by Trung, someone from Sydney in Australia.

He’s actually a business owner, with 3 businesses in Australia.

Not only has he asked this question, but so many people in the past few weeks have been emailing me, answering the “Ask Matt” popup survey, and facebooking me to ask “What is this social entrepreneurship all about?”

I keep talking about it, I keep promoting it, and I’m passionate about it – so what’s it all about. Tell me more about it.

Today, I actually give you my definition of it.

So why is this audio podcast important for you?

1. Firstly, learn how I define social entrepreneurship.
2. You’ll also discover the current debates about the social entrepreneurship definition.
3. If you listen to the rest of this audio, you’ll uncover what my final conclusion is for how you can define social entrepreneurship for yourself.

If this really interests you, and I know alot of you are really interested in finding about social entrepreneurship, then make sure you listen to this.

Stay tuned!

photo by: Joanna Bourne

How to Build a Crowdfunding Platform in the Philippines: Justin Garrido, Cofounder of

In today’s episode of the Social Entrepreneurship Series, we are actually in location in the Philippines.

I’m here in the Philippines for the next 5 days because my cousin’s getting married: Woohoo!

But at the same time, I’m celebrating Philippine Social Entrepreneurship by interviewing Justin Garrido, Cofounder of – a crowdfunding platform which helps social enterprises, social entrepreneurs and projects in the Philippines that make a difference.

Why is this interview with Justin useful and interesting for you?

#1) Crowdfunding is actually a major trend in the world right now. And talking to an actual cofounder who is building a crowdfunding platform in the Philippines is really exciting and interesting to listen to.

-How does he do it?
-What is crowdfunding all about?
-and How can crowdfunding help your social entreprenurship idea get launched and get off the ground?

#2) Justin actually talks about his advice for social entrepreneurs.

-How to get involved in social entrepreneurship
-He even gives you tips about how to make tough decisions as a social entrepreneur

Stay tuned to listen to today’s interview with Justin Garrido, co founder of