3 Problems You’d Most Like to Contribute Towards via Social Entrepreneurship: Ask Matt

Hey everybody and welcome to today’s episode of “Ask Matt”. In today’s episode, we answer the question: “What are three problems do you see in society that you would most like to contribute towards remediating through entrepreneurial means?” It’s a question from Andy in Sydney, Australia. Why is this question and my answer important for […]

How to Climb Mount Kilimanjaro for a Good Cause: Lindy Kanan, Humanitarian & Adventurer

In today’s episode of the Social Entrepreneurship Series, we talk to Lindy Kanan – a humanitarian and adventurer, who is doing something crazy for a really good cause. She’s climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, the largest mountain in Africa. She’s trying to raise $5000 to do it. She’s using crowdfunding and she’s raised quite a bit so […]

How to Reach 79.69% of Your Crowdfunding Goal in Just 10 Hours + Mass ShoutOut to My Crowdfunding Supporters

In this special episode of the Social Entrepreneurship Series, I give you advice on how to reach 79.69% of your crowdfunding goal in just 10 hours. Plus, I give a mass shoutout to all my current crowdfunding supporters. Check out: http://pozible.com/socentseries Why is this episode important for you? The reason is because many social entrepreneurs […]

How to Win a Social Entrepreneurship Competition: Interview with Kevin Miller, Co-Founder of Pennies4Progress & Winner of UNC Social Business Competition

In today’s episode of the Social Entrepreneurship Series, we talk to Kevin Miller. He’s the CIO and Co-Founder for Pennies4Progress. He’s also one of the winners of the 2012 UNC Social Business Competition, where he was actually awarded by the Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Muhammad Yunus. Why is this interview important to listen to? It’s […]

Thanks to Another Supporter of My Social Entrepreneurship Series Crowdfunding Page – Ryan Nguyen

Big Shoutout to Ryan Nguyen for being the 2nd person to support my crowdfunding initiative. I really want to make a difference in the world by sharing info from top business leaders and social impact entrepreneurs. That’s why I founded the Social Entrepreneurship Series. Checkout http://pozible.com/socentseries to join the crowdfunding campaign