Cause-Related Marketing: Your Product is Your Social Cause


Cause related marketing is a subset of the general field of marketing and is an essential part in business management. Now for cause related marketing, what is it?

Transforming the 5 Ps of Marketing

Now with the general idea of marketing you have the idea of the five Ps and if you’re ever involved in marketing, you’re very much aware of those Ps (i.e. Product, Price, Place, Promotion, People). One of those important P factors in marketing involved the important area of your product. Examining your product and how it can be marketed and how it can be portrayed and presented to your target audience to enable you to market that particular market or service.

Now for cause related marketing the significant difference between that and the traditional marketing for any other business is that cause related marketing consists of a product which is in fact not so much your conventional product but a product which is the cause.

It sounds a bit confusing but your product is your cause, your cause is your product and your cause can be for instance to help the environment, to help the elderly or the disabled or the disadvantaged persons. Your product is the pursuance of a social mission.

Marketing Your Social Cause

Now that’s quite a different product which is often at times a consumer good or a certain service; But non-profit and for-profit social enterprises have a different light when it comes to their product. Their product, instead of providing a traditional good or service, it focuses more on the emotional aspects of reaching out to people so they themselves can contribute to a cause that they believe in.

So when you’re dealing with cause-related marketing for your social enterprise, think in terms of cause related marketing principles.

The main philosophy behind those principles is that your product is different than other businesses and thus needs to be placed in your business management strategy as that. It’s different because you need to be focusing more on the emotional and human need of people to contribute and tapping into that human need to contribute is a significant thing because you are connecting people with your social enterprise so that they themselves can be a part of it – to help them to support your cause as well.

Share Your Cause-Related Marketing Strategies

I’m going to open up the forum to you and asking you what kinds of cause-related marketing techniques or strategies have you have used in your social enterprise that you can share.