Change the World 2.0: How to Be a Social Entrepreneur Online

Change the World 2.0: How to Be a Social Entrepreneur Online

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By Matthew Alberto (Author)

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Book Description

Publication Date: February 9, 2012

Social Entrepreneurship is changing the world. Internet technology is also changing the world. What if you could combine these two concepts to become a social entrepreneur online?

Change the World 2.0: How to Be a Social Entrepreneur Online by Matthew Alberto aims to help you become a social entrepreneur today using the power of the internet, thereby leveraging the power of technology and business to create social impact. The kinds of internet Web 2.0 technologies that social entrepreneurs must take advantage of today, include blogging, video marketing, social networking, SEO, and many others, each of which are discussed in the book. Several case studies are provided of social enterprises, especially those that use the internet to propel their cause, including TOMs, Kiva, SamaSource and Better World Books.

One of the biggest advantages of starting your social entrepreneurship journey via the internet is the fact that you can start today with just a small amount of startup capital. Also, the internet enables you to reach a very wide audience to spread yoru cause in just a short amount of time.

Book Excerpt #1: Social Entrepreneurship Ideas

Book Excerpt #2: Social Entrepreneurship Funding

About the Author

MATTHEW ALBERTO is a social entrepreneur, tech entrepreneur and author of the popular blog GOOD Business IDEAS. He has founded a range of businesses focused on changing the world, including a consulting business to help GOOD businesses and nonprofits build their business on the internet and to get online funding in the tens of thousands of dollars. He has also worked for a number of nonprofits and international organizations in Australia, Philippines and Bangladesh, including the United Nations World Food Programme. He is very passionate about helping social entrepreneurs throughout the world. He currently lives in Sydney, Australia.

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