Create Something Remarkable


Make a product and make a service that is remarkable using new business ideas.

My message for you today is: If you’re going to be creating a social enterprise and you’re going to be competing out there in the marketplace (especially for ‘for-profit social enterprises’ but even for ‘not-for-profit social enterprises’ or even NGOs), you really need to be creating something remarkable. Something that stands out. Something that makes a difference.

Leading Your Field by Being Remarkable

For social businesses, creating something remarkable is the way to go if ever you want to be the one leading – leading your field.

Now, you ask yourself: How is it that you can make something remarkable?

Well, it doesn’t begin with your marketing. If you have a product or you have a service, but it itself is bland and ordinary and not fit for actually achieving something great, then marketing will just add extra costs to your company or your organization.

Innovate Beyond Your Limits

My challenge to you is: If you want to create a product and service that is remarkable, and through that service and product, to change the world, I urge you to innovate – to really look at the edge.

Look at the limits of trying to make your new business ideas, service or product faster, better, grander, more unique. And through that, you will get an even bigger customer base. You will get, through your product, eyes looking at you and observing you, wondering what are you trying to do and being amazed. Through this, you will get a greater sense of sustainability in your social business.

So my message to you is: Be remarkable.