Deepak Chopra on the “Soul of Leadership”

A friend of mine emailed me an interesting article by Deepak Chopra which I wanted to share with you on leadership and social responsibility.

The topic of the article is about leadership.

Leadership Has a Soul

What struck me the most about Chopra’s insights on leadership is his idea of “the soul of leadership.” I would agree with him that it is a myth to think that leaders are born, and they are not made. With that in mind, I think that is a positive thing that it is only a myth. Since leaders are not born, it means that you have the ability to be a leader yourself.

Leadership as More Than Just Authority

In Chopra’s view, the soul of leadership appears when awareness meets need. A leader comes about when there is a vacuum, and that unique person becomes aware of a need that can help a certain group. I think what’s relevant here for entrepreneurs and social innovators is the fact that the soul of leadership can apply to them, too.

Entrepreneurs, social innovators and passionate people become aware of the needs in their community and the ways that they themselves can fill those needs.

7 Roles That Leaders Can Take On

Chopra then goes on to talk about the 7 roles that a leader must take on. These roles include becoming a:

  1. Protector: Your role is crisis manager.
  2. Achiever: Your role is motivator.
  3. Team Builder: Your role is negotiator.
  4. Nurturer: Your role is counselor.
  5. Innovator: Your role is crisis catalyst.
  6. Transformer: Your role is crisis inspirer.
  7. Sage and Seer: Your role is pure light.

These roles form somewhat of a hierarchy of leadership, and I would agree that there is something to learn here. The 7 roles of a leader reflect a fulfilment of the needs of the people in your team, which include security, achievement, team work, nurturing, innovation, inspiration and higher meaning. In Chopra’s view “The greatest leaders are able to reflect all seven needs” because they are more able to take on the 7 different roles.

A Modern Day Leadership Vacuum? You Can Fill It.

I really like his description of the soul of leadership. Personally, I think there is a great need to understand the roles of leadership, especially for social leaders. It has even been argued that there is a lack of leadership development amongst social leaders, so Chopra’s description is very important.

What do you think about Chopra’s concept on the soul of leadership and where do you stand on social responsibility?