Delegate Tasks So You Can Focus On What You Love & What You’re Good At

Working Together Teamwork Puzzle Concept
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Social entrepreneurs often try to do too much in too little time.

It’s fantastic to have large and audacious goals. It’s also important to be practical about them too.

Social Entrepreneurs Can Do Much…But Not Everything!

I believe that there’s no such thing as unrealistic goals. It’s just a matter of how you achieve those goals and your deadlines. You may have to tweak these aspects on your way to achieve your goal.

As the social entrepreneur, you are the leader and the chief mover and shaker for the achievement of your enterprise’s mission. You may think that you can or should do everything yourself. But you can’t.

You may even think that you can do all these things all in one day. But you can’t do that all on your own either.

Social Entrepreneurship & the Importance of Teamwork

While social entrepreneurs have a huge role to play in starting up and leading an organization, what’s also important in a social enterprise is your team. It’s with the social enterprise team that the mission can be translated from the mind and heart of the social entrepreneur into the minds and hearts of many.

Delegate Tasks Where You Are Weak

Social entrepreneurs may not be able to do every single thing. However, social entrepreneurs can partner up with their team. Tasks can be delegated to other people so that the social entrepreneur can focus instead on the tasks that they’re actually good at or which they’re passionate about.

Leverage Your Time Through Delegating Tasks

Additionally, even though social entrepreneurs may not be able to change the world in one day, they can work with a team so that many tasks can be done simultaneously. The team can help the social entrepreneur to focus on one task, while each of the other team members focus on their tasks.

Delegation As An Important Step in Your Social Enterprise

In this way, the social enterprise becomes a living, breathing system whereby the social entrepreneur is not burdened with everything. The most amount of work gets done in lesser time as compared to if the social entrepreneur were trying to do everything themself.

Many hands make light work.