Dust Off Your Unfinished Goals and Restart Them!

I agree that it can be very hard to restart unfinished goals and projects. It can even be difficult just looking at them or thinking about them!

Feeling Like You Failed After Not Finishing a Project

The reason I think that it can be hard to re-examine your unfinished projects is because you may often feel like you failed. Feeling failure is something that most people don’t like going through. Looking at what you may have “put off” in the past may stir up those unwanted feelings once more.

I’ve had a couple of unfinished projects myself. Even now, as I look at them, it can feel disheartening.

Personal Experience of Overwhelm, Stress and “Failure”

I’ve actually got a long list of goals myself at the moment, and it can be overwhelming at times to get through them all! I admit that. Since I want to do SO MUCH ALL AT ONCE, I discover that some of my goals get left behind while I put my energy in the ones that are urgent and important.

I begin to realize that it’s not that I can’t do each of them, it’s just that I can’t do ALL of them at once. I have to build them one at a time and systemize each until the habits and systems are already formed so I can put less focus on them and then move onto the next goal.

An Inspirational Quote About Goals

Nevertheless, I’m reminded by one of my mentors that:

“There’s no such thing as unrealistic goals, just unrealistic timelines.”

Why Your Previous Projects May Have “Failed”?

You may have set a huge goal for yourself. Many of the visitors of this website are out to change the world, and that in itself is a mammoth task. While such a goal can be inspirational and motivational, it can also be daunting! Too daunting that it becomes overwhelming, and some of us may procrastinate.

Over-procrastination can lead to goals being left on the back burner, gathering dust on your shelf. Or if you’re an over achiever perhaps you have set so many goals for yourself all at once so you get overwhelmed and even burned out!

“Failures” as Lessons to Learn From

Just because you “failed” once or twice, this does not and should not mean that you give up on your goals. You learn more from your mistakes and “failures” than you do from your successes.

Notice that I put quotes around the word “failure”. People tend to put such negative emotion to the word. In my point of view, I see them as lessons to learn from, giving you indications that you must change.

Dust Off Your Goals and Restart Them

You simply need to dust yourself off (and dust off your goals), and try again! Perhaps with a different tact, strategy and attitude this time around.