Feeling Empty Inside When Not Pursuing Your Passion

Work can be boring.

But that’s only if you treat it as your “work.” If what you were doing day to day were not merely just your work but an expression of your mission, then you wouldn’t get bored at all.

A Passion For Your Life’s Purpose

Today is Valentine’s Day, and today is all about love, passion and romance. Having an intimate relationship with that special someone is essential for a fulfilled life. I would argue as well that you also need to have a love, passion and romance with your own life purpose.

Expressing your mission day in and day out is essentially pursuing your passion. And if your mission helps you grow every single day, and it helps you contribute to other people and the world, and you live it on a regular basis, then you will be a passionate person.

Do You Know Any Passionate People?

If you look all around you and observe people going about their day, how many of them would you say are pursuing their passion? Not too many.

I think it’s a waste.

I’ve heard a couple of friends who have said that they feel that their life is empty because they don’t have anything that they’re passionate about. Nor is their job something to get passionate about.

In fact, they have never sat down and answered the question of what actually makes them passionate.

Leaders Need to Make Sense of What They’re Passionate About

I believe that if you want to make your life meaningful then you must first find meaning in your life. Finding passion in your life starts with you making a conscious decision to get it and live it.

I think this message is important for entrepreneurs and social innovators. You will be able to contribute more to the world when you have contributed enough meaning and passion in your own life and work. This may require that you leave your current job behind in order to pursue your passion.

If this is the case for you, then I suggest you do it.

How You Can Change Your Life

You could take it a step at a time through chicken entrepreneurship, or volunteering or interning in your considered industry, or even getting into another field part time.

Live your life with passion!