Find Social Business Ideas with the Very Cool Social Enterprise Directory

Are you stumped with figuring out a social new business ideas?

Learning from Successful Social Business Ideas

Well look no further. I personally believe that you can learn alot from the successful role models of others. Fortunately, when it comes to social business, you don’t have to be absolutely original.

You can learn from the successful social businesses that are operating throughout the world and then improve on them or adapt them to a different context.

A Directory of 450+ Successful Social Enterprises

There is a very cool Social Enterprise Directory which has been released by Ayllu. It’s called iuMAP and it lists over 450 social enterprises throughout the world. These enterprises are those which use market based solutions to alleviating poverty in over 65 developing countries.

Discover the Many Types of Social Business

Ayllu’s mission was to centralize the information on social enterprises so that it is easier for potential customers, investors and other interested people to find them all in one place. As an entrepreneur or social innovator yourself, you can actually check out the iuMAP social enterprise directory yourself so that you can familiarize yourself with the many types of social businesses out there but also find new business ideas! It can help inspire you to come up with your own social enterprise by understanding the models that are already in place today.