Find Your Passion. Follow Your Bliss. Share It With Others.

le Bellagio
Creative Commons License photo credit: OliBac

The current tagline of my website here is “Social Entrepreneur.”

But really, behind that word and behind this website is me.

My Experience in Uncovering Passion

It has been my passion to help inspire people, and to inspire you – so that in inspiring you, we can inspire others together to change the world for the good of humanity. This is my passion and my mission, and I’m thankful to my Creator that I’ve been able to discover my passion. This website is therefore not simply an informational website about social entrepreneurship, but it is in fact an expression of my true self and a way for social networking for business ideas that do good.

It is a metaphor for my soul.

Your Experience in Uncovering Your Passion

While for me, helping others through service and inspiration is my passion. I wish upon all people the gift of discovering their own. I hope for you to uncover what you are passionate about, and I believe that if you were to do that, you would truly be able to live an amazing life. Through finding your passion, you begin to “be”. You no longer have to force yourself to do things. You just simply have to be yourself, and in expressing yourself you will be able to give value to others and the world.

For me that’s a key essence of social entrepreneurship in my experience.

A Friend’s Passion for Putting People at the Edge of Their Seats!

Yesterday I talked to a good friend. He told me that he was working on a couple of businesses, but one of his truest passions was to actually produce his own film! I was surprised at first, but then I thought about his past interests and he explained that he has always been naturally been drawn to film. I pointed out the power of film to move people, to change their states of emotion to fear, sadness, laughter and inspiration. He particularly liked the genre of suspense and thriller which had the power to put people at the edge of their seats!

He explained to me that he had been keeping this passion inside of him for a long time. This year, however, he felt he needed to harness it more and express it through writing, directing and producing his own short film.

I was amazed.

Share Your Passion With Us

I’d like to share Joseph Campbell’s quote, which is to “Follow your bliss”, and with that said, please share what you’re passionate about – whatever it may be! Spread the word through social networking for business ideas now!