Focus On the Strengths of Your Team Members


When you’re working with a social enterprise team – a team of people – one great tip that I have is, in order to build the synergy of the team, I recommend you to recognize the strengths and the weaknesses of your team members. This is a core function of business development.

Recognize the Strengths of Your Teams Members

As a leader of a social enterprise team, examine your people look at not only how they work but also their own personal strengths, what they’re drawn to, what they’re good at, what they love to do even in their spare time. Focusing on their strengths and recognising the strengths of others, will help you and your social enterprise especially when you tap into your team’s strengths.

An example could be for instance, if you got someone in your social enterprise team and one of them is very, very keen on writing, you could give them extra tasks focusing on developing those writing skills. If you find someone who loves to talk to other people, who loves to be with others, who gets energized from that, get them to be a person who networks on behalf of your social enterprise.

People Are Most Effective When They Enjoy What They Do

I’ve worked in a number of social enterprises and a number of international organisations, and social businesses, and in working with them you can see that when people are doing what they love most, they are most effective and when they’re most effective, then your whole organization becomes more effective.

I recommend that to you recognize other people’s interests, what they are passionate about and through that your organization will flourish.

Share Your Experiences

I would like to open up the discussion and ask you to share your experiences where you’ve seen different people in your organization flourish through you harnessing their strengths.

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