FREE iPhone/iPod Touch App to Help You Read eBooks on the Go

I love learning!

The secret’s out for good business ideas. Well, it’s not such a secret, particularly as P (my partner and best friend) consistently points it out to me as I pour over books.

I love learning, and I’m proud of it!

The Power of Lifelong Learning

I’m a true believer in lifelong learning. In my opinion, studying your craft and your interests should not stop once you finish high school or college. Sure, you may not attend formal classes, but all you leaders and passionate people should certainly find out more and more ways that you can improve through learning. Learning other unrelated areas can also stimulate you to think outside the box.

Now, when I say that lifelong learning is imperative, I do also include in the term “learning” all the other forms of learning such as from stories, from the internet, from experience and from mentors!

For me, however, I love learning from books. I am a bookworm and this personality trait is one that has developed ever since I was a kid. Even when I travel overseas, you would have seen me with a bag full of books.

A Solution to Prevent You Lugging Around 7kg of Books

One of the problems with learning with books is the fact that carrying a bag full of books can be very HEAVY! (Try carrying a 7kg bag of books to Bangladesh)

However, I’ve discovered a way for all of you to carry hundreds of books in your pocket. I recently discovered it and it got me so enthusiastic!

Yes, many mobile phones and iPods and iPhones now have an application which allows you to store and read PDF formatted eBooks. I may have been slow with this great innovation but I really want to share this fantastic discovery with you all.

Ebooks on Your Mobile, iPod Touch or iPhone

When it comes to the iPhone and iPod Touch, the FREE application is called iBooks, and you can get it here.

I got really excited when I installed it and found out that it was for free. I then began uploading three of my newest eBooks and now when I’m on a queue or sitting in the car or having extra idle time, I have the option to pull out my iPod/iPhone and read my book to learn some of the newest ideas.

Discover New Ideas in the Palm of Your Hand

There’s now NO EXCUSE for you to say you have no time to read in 2011 and make good business ideas.

As a final note, I’d like to leave you with two quotes: “Leaders are readers!” and “Leaders are learners!”

Share your tips on learning while on the go!