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Have you ever felt lost and confused about how to start up your social enterprise?

Where can you turn to?

Social Entrepreneurship & Starting from Scratch

Many social entrepreneurs who start business development from scratch often feel like they’re doing it alone.

Amy Bicât, Founder and Co-Director of Artburst,
an award winning social enterprise in London can empathise. She explains:

“Social enterprise can be a confusing area when you first start out and while there is a lot of help out there for small businesses in general, there is definitely a need for something specifically for social entrepreneurs, to provide clarification, advice and support.”

How Can Social Entrepreneurs Translate Their Vision Into Reality?

Indeed, social entrepreneurs begin with a vision and passion to change the world – to improve the quality of life for others. That vision and passion, however, must be translated into reality. While social enterprises may differ in their speciality and approach, and social entrepreneurs may differ in personality, there are some common steps that you can take to start and build your social enterprise.

One significant step is in funding and sponsorship, in order to give cash flow to your social enterprise. This is the life blood of your enterprise.

Amy Bicât of Artburst agrees, and she adds:

“The most challenging areas for us were looking for funding and sponsorship, bidding for contracts and understanding the best legal structure for our business. We also found it hard to articulate and shout about what we do and the benefits of social enterprise. Artburst is going really well now but it’s great to know that we can turn to Business Link in London if we need support again in the future.”

Get Your FREE Social Enterprise Toolkit Today!

Recognizing these challenges for social entrepreneurs, Business Link London has created an Online Social Enterprise Toolkit. You can download the FREE Social Enterprise Toolkit here.

I’m impressed with what they have to offer for you, and I like that it is specifically for social enterprises and social entrepreneurs. The Toolkit includes 50 practical Social Enterprise Guides, a Business Planning Tool to help you start up your social enterprise, and even a Business Review Tool to improve on your strengths and overcome the weaknesses of your current social enterprise.

Business Link describe their Social Enterprise Toolkit as follows:

There is a wealth of information available on how to write a business plan, set up an enterprise and source business funding. But social enterprises are unique; they require passion, commitment and an intelligent balance between conventional business practices and their chosen social purpose.

This is why we have developed a new Social Enterprise Toolkit that covers everything you need to know about setting up and running a new business, specific to social enterprise. This is a perfect start for your business development.

You can download the FREE Social Enterprise Toolkit here.