Get Disturbed to Get Yourself Moving


Getting disturbed

If you’re out there in the world and you’re walking around, you’re observing, you’re experiencing, and you see something, you hear something, you get affected by something. This is how business ideas come about.

And you in your mind, in your heart, believe that it’s wrong – that it’s not meant to be this way – you’re getting disturbed.

Avoid feeling disturbed?

Now getting disturbed for most people can be a problem: something that they want to disassociate from.

But I’m here to tell you that whenever you come to a point when you do feel disturbed, when you do feel hurt, I’m saying nourish it. I’m not saying get stuck in it forever, but what I am saying is appreciate that feeling – the feeling of being disturbed, the feeling of being impacted and affected. Because by being impacted, and by being disturbed and affected, you can really feel the emotion that can and will drive you.

If you’re really affected and you want to change something, and you want to do something about it, this is what I recommend: Instead of just leaving it alone and ignoring it, write it down. Write down in clear detail what disturbs you, what affects you, what is a problem in the world, what is a social mess.

Write down what disturbs you & find solutions

Write it down so it’s clear: what you want to solve.

So the purpose of it is not so much to dwell on it. The purpose of it is to find the problem, define it, and then my friends, the next step will be to find the solution.

To then look at the problem in a rational way, and in a contained way, as you’ve written it, and then think of the opposite.

That, my friends, will bring you a lot of power as a social entrepreneur and really help guide you to develop business ideas that do good.