Getting Into Responsible Shopping

Creative Commons License photo credit: ?nnique

Responsible shopping is an important part of social entrepreneurship, in my opinion. Social enterprise is about taking business skills and applying them to social problems. It is looking at social responsibility of the business to it’s community. I think responsible shopping is an extension of that. It allows your personal activity of shopping to contribute to social causes, too.

The team at are intending to get into some interesting things in the world of social entrepreneurship. Their tagline is that they are the “Hatchery of Responsible Shopping!” From their website, you can see that their aim is to connect consumers with socially responsible companies and products.

Here’s a little bit more about Roozt, especially about their goals and vision to help out social entrepreneurs who want to be involved in social responsibility:

“Our goal at ROOZT is to empower and inspire Social Entrepreneurs to succeed. Bloomberg estimates there are over 30,000 Social Entrepreneurship ventures nationwide. These ventures have no single avenue for advertisement and unification. In a nutshell that’s what we’re creating at ROOZT. There are countless companies with amazing products and amazing missions but no outlet to get a public spotlight. Through our deal of the day we can highlight products from responsible vendors and offer unbeatable deals at the same time. We have four strict criteria for qualifying companies we work with. They must: have ethical business practices, be community conscious, environmentally friendly to the highest standards, and have a strong philanthropic mission. These qualities help us make sure the people we’re working with are as passionate about social entrepreneurship as we are.”

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