Help the People Inside Your Own Social Business


In running a social business, we think of the triple-bottom-line (people, planet, profit – PPP). When we think of ‘people’, sometimes we think of the outside people – the beneficiaries, the community in which we work with and which we have a social impact. For the ‘planet’, we think of the external environment around us, and for ‘profit’ we think of the financial sustainability and financial growth of the social company. Part of this is social networking for business ideas and support.

So in all three, we tend to think of external factors to judge the success of a social business.

‘Helping People’ Means Helping Those in Your Team Too

I’d like to point out, though, that ‘people’ – that first P – can often mean the people within your own social business, the people who make a part of your team. Looking after them is an essential part of creating a lasting and impactful social enterprise.

When you have top-quality people who are engaged and motivated and challenged, you will have a high effective social business.

Develop that Special Quality of Your Staff

In the end though, what you’ll find is that many people especially in the social business are a lot more passionate and driven than those in a conventional business because people in a social business are not only financially sustained through the fact that social businesses earn better profit margins than NGOs or non-profit organisations, but also the fact that social businesses do have a social mission that they believe in.

Overall, taking care of people within your organization really means helping them to become better people – helping them to better themselves and developing them. That’s what’s great about social business. Because of its profitability and sustainability financially, social businesses have the capacity to develop its staff – develop them and train them – and also motivate them.

Look After Your Team & They’ll Look After You

So I encourage you as a social businessperson to really look after your people through social networking for business support.

Help them to become better.

Note: Please excuse the poor sound quality of the video. As I was living and working in Bangladesh at the time of this video, it was the rainy monsoon season. Therefore, the sounds in the background were the fierce winds and pouring rain. Thank you for your understanding.