How to Build Rapport with Millions of People

As part of my visit to my home country, Australia, I’ve caught up with many of my close friends and family.

A Friend’s Passion for Entertaining the World

Yesterday I had lunch with a friend who has inspired me and I wanted to share a snippet of our conversation. My friend is passionate about entertaining people through social networking for business. He told me that his mission in life is to move people through music.

Now he wasn’t as centred as he was now, and I respected the fact that he now had greater clarity about who he is as a person and what contribution he would like to offer to the world. One of the things that I admire about him is his ability to be creative and to use that creativity to build rapport with others.

Insights on Building Rapport with Millions of People

From his experience, he shared with me that one of the best ways to build rapport with another person is to first understand them. Often it’s about listening to them. Sometimes, however, it’s about getting an intuitive sense of what they’re all about. He mentioned to me that as an entertainer, he is actually inspired by the likes of Mother Teresa and Gandhi because they were able to build rapport with millions of people, and yet they had no capital or money or traditional forms of prestige. Yet they were driven by an inner mission which resonated with the several lives that they had the privilege to touch.

3 Great Tips on Building Rapport

Some of the greatest tips on rapport that he shared included:

  1. Understanding Others – through listening or even being emotionally attuned to them.
  2. Using Communication That They Can Understand – through using mediums that you know they are familiar with and which impact them, even subtly.
  3. Being An Example Yourself – if you want to inspire others with a message, you must always exemplify that message through your own life, and Mother Teresa and Gandhi are fantastic examples of this.

Building Rapport with Not Only Your Head, but Your Heart and Soul

One of the most interesteing statements that my friend shared was that his belief that in order to build rapport with millions of people like Mother Teresa and Gandhi had done, you must not only use your head, but you must also use your heart and your spirit.

Building true rapport is not about using certain techniques. You must first know yourself and what you’re all about so that your rapport is simply an expression of your true self and your passion with others.

This was a profound statement and one in which I believe that entrepreneurs, social innovators and passionate people should adopt.

Share Your Experience in Rapport Building

What are some other ways to build rapport with millions of people that have worked for you through social networking for business?