How to Choose the Best Social Entrepreneurship MBA?

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Want to learn more about social entrepreneurship?

I suggest that one of the best ways to learn social entrepreneurship is to actually go out in the world and do it, live it.

The Value of a Social Entrepreneurship MBA?

Nonetheless, some of you may feel like you want more confidence and knowledge about the field. Doing a social entreprenuership MBA is certainly one way to achieve formal training on the subject.

Just keep in mind that there are also other ways to learn more about social enterprise and entrepreneurship, such as through non-formal learning and of course starting up your own business or nonprofit and learning as you go along.

More Students Choosing Social Entrepreneurship MBA Programs

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More students then ever are specifically seeking out MBA programs with a social entrepreneurship focus, because they want to eventually start businesses that are environmentally friendly and sustainable, and which also support good causes.

Often these companies employ people or source resources from economically depressed, areas which also benefit from charitable donations by the firms. Schools are revising their MBA programs to meet this demand, with many business schools now offering a host of courses and study track that help MBA students to figure out the best way of pulling off a social enterprise idea.

Schools like the University of Oxford, Cornell University and Dartmouth college have all seen increased demand for instruction in social entrepreneurship. Some attribute the increased interest to a lack of traditional jobs, which has spurred a greater in entrepreneurial ventures.

Social Entrepreneurship MBA Programs

As a result of student demand, there are now more MBA programs then ever offering a specialization in some form of social entrepreneurship, whether it is an emphasis on environment, business ethics or social enterprise.

Aspen Institute’s List of Social Entrepreneurship MBAs

A website called Beyond Grey Pinstripes provides a useful ranking of these various MBA programs around the world, complete with a description of each. I recently visited the Beyond Grey Pinstripes website, and I can attest that it is very comprehensive and useful. The website is run by the Aspen Institute, which actually published a related book called: The Aspen Institute Guide to Socially Responsible MBA Programs, which also lists a number of social impact MBAs.

Example of a Socially Responsible MBA Program

For example, a top-ranked MBA program is offered by the York University Schulich School of Business in Canada. This program is designed specifically to prepare students to meet the needs of social and environmental stewardship in a rapidly changing world.

The school has been an early pioneer in integrating social entrepreneurship into its core curriculum, and the concept of sustainability underpins all of Schulich’s graduate management programs. In addition, many of the core and elective courses in the graduate program contain material that is specifically relevant to social impact and environmental management issues.