How to Dream BIG


If you see yourself as a social entrepreneur, I really urge you, I encourage you and I want to push you to really dream BIG. Business development involves having a passion and wanting to change the world in some way.

Dreaming big is what you need to really change the world. What you really need for yourself in order to really make an impact is this: You need to start within your mind, within your own vision – that space there. You have to come up with a picture of what’s possible. And I’m going to be crazy and I’m going to suggest to you that even though in reality, it’s not there, you have the power as a social entrepreneur to really change things.

And if you’re going to be changing things, I really push you to change things BIG.

Dream Big. Set goals that are huge, and trust me: If you aim for the stars, at least you’ll reach the sky. And that’s the minimum.

But if you really want to have huge results, you have to have huge goals.

So start with that: Just imagine what is possible.

Just think: If you could do something, and it was impossible to fail, what would you dream of? What would you envision? How would you like things to be like?

And you have to believe within yourself that you can do it because in reality, people have done things out there in history and today that have seemed impossible. But in their mind’s eye, in their heart, they believed in it.

They dreamed big and it was made possible – through their vision, through their passion, and through their dreams.

And I urge you to dream big just like them and start planning and encouraging business development.