How to Get Motivated for 2011 – Part 1

Creative Commons License photo credit: Symic

Why You Need Motivation for 2011?

Motivation and business management is an essential factor to your success in making a difference in the world. Motivation, however, is very much linked to the emotional and even spiritual dimension of your human existence. But we live in a world that values more rationality and reason, and often we’re not taught how to motivate ourselves.

If you want to change the world, how in the heck can you motivate yourself, let alone motivating others to help your mission?

Motivation Through Visualization

As 2011 begins, I am trying to get myself motivated too for the great things to come. One way that I motivate myself is to visualize what I want to achieve in the future. I make a clear mental image in my mind. Closing my eyes helps. I tend to be a visual person, so I make vivid images and I let my imagination run free. Once I have a clear mental picture of what I want, such as achieving successful projects, I then write down plans of how to achieve that mental image so that I can bring it into reality.

Share Your Motivation Strategies for 2011

There are many other tips such as business management guides and ways for you to get motivated but this is one of them that I’ve been practicing over the past few days in preparation for achieving my goals in 2011.

How are you getting yourself motivated for 2011?