How to Have Bored Volunteers in Your Social Enterprise


This is the second video post of a two-part series about Drucker On Volunteerism. Check out the first video post: ‘Ensure Your Social Enterprise is Worth Volunteering For

A second key point regarding volunteers that Drucker points out that I found interesting was that he mentioned: That the difference with social enterprises and commercial enterprises is that volunteers on the one hand are doing it in their spare time and are doing it often without pay.

Workers and employees in commercial businesses however do get paid and they do get other benefits often in their job descriptions it is very clear.

Not Challenging Your Volunteers Enough

Volunteers on the other hand, often face a problem in which they are put into an organisation and sometimes the job description isn’t that clear. Or at times, they are not given roles that don’t challenge them enough. Drucker on the other hand, points out that to have effective volunteers, ensure that your volunteers do get a clear description of their roles and functions.

Provide them with challenges in a challenging environment so they themselves can grow and feel that they are contributing because they have a clear and defined set of goals and functions that they can achieve. Treat them as if they were your employees in a sense that they do have clearly defined duties and roles.

If you do that, in Drucker’s opinion, your volunteers will put 110% of their effort or even more. Often, it seems interesting that volunteers work even harder than employees do because employees at times are only motivated by monetary means and that can only push them so far.

Volunteers Can Work Harder Than Your Regular Employees

But with a social mission, volunteers go that extra mile. However, they only go that extra mile if you provide them with an incentive which is the mission-driven incentive, and to actually achieve clearly defined goals you’ve set for them.

I’ve been a volunteer myself for a number of years and I truly believe in volunteerism especially for social enterprises whether they be for non-profit or for-profit or government related enterprises for the public good.
Volunteers are a key aspect and I encourage you to have a think about Drucker’s key points in managing and leading volunteers to effective social impact.