How to Have the Self-Confidence to Change the World


Building self-confidence – building your own self-confidence – is so significant if you’re wanting to create and build your social business. And it is significant if you want to be changing the world. You can do this through social networking for business support.

Self-Confidence & the ‘I Can Do It’ Attitude

To be self confident means that you have the gut feeling inside that you yourself can do it. People who don’t have the feeling – who don’t have self-confidence – are those who won’t take massive action, who won’t go to the next level.

If you want to be a social entrepreneur and you want to take it to the next level in terms of change and social impact, my suggestion to you is to really build on your own self-confidence especially if you feel that you are lacking in it.

To harness your own self-confidence my advice to you would be this: I suggest that for your self-confidence to grow within you, you should focus less on what you lack. Focus less on your fears. Focus less on those things that you feel you’re not great at.

Focus On Your Strengths

Instead, focus on those things that you have strengths in. By focusing on your own strengths, and every single person in this world does have a strength – at least even one.

If you do this, you can gain more self-confidence especially as you look back and you focus more on the things that you can do – the small things even that you can do to make a social impact in the world. By focusing on what you can give, what value you can offer to others and the world around you. Focus solely on that. Along with that, though, you can also build even on your weaker areas and transforming that – but really the main part is focusing on your strengths. If you do this, I can guarantee you that you will gain more self-confidence.

Through having more self-confidence, in my point of view and through my experience, you will have the greater ability to do more and have greater impact. You will be able to lead and also create new opportunities for social networking for business support.