How to Learn to Code While Helping Nonprofits

My background has been in helping out good causes, like major nonprofits in Australia, international organizations in developing countries, as well as founding and supporting social enterprises. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always had a big heart for wanting to make a difference and help people. This has been a big part of who I am, and I can’t deny this.

My work life in my twenties certainly reflected my work and life philosophies surrounding this.

Self-Development as an Important Key to Life

Now, in my thirties, with a wife and child, and family responsibility, I’ve been questioning myself about the role that social impact and helping out causes still plays and will play in the future for me, my work and my personal identity.

One of the lessons I’ve learned is that changing the world sounds like such a grand idea. I think it is noble and worthwhile, especially if that’s something that you are thinking of doing. Nevertheless, I now believe that changing the world starts with changing yourself. Even changing things about yourself that may seem small or insignificant. That’s the biggest part of it all.

It goes back to a quote from Mahatma Gandhi, which I admire: “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

The big word in that quote is “be”.

More and more, I’ve been focused on becoming more, and being the best version of myself, and I think that will have positive impacts on the world. Even though small at first, an improved and better version of myself will positively impact the people who surround me and with whom I come into contact, and that will have positive ripple effects.

I’ve realized that there are many things in the world that I can’t change. A big reason is because I cannot make choices for people. I cannot force people to change. Nor do I want to force them. People need to make choices for themselves.

I certainly can influence people to change, especially if they ask for my help, but I cannot be the one to do things for other people.

This kind of thinking also goes for myself as well. That is, other people cannot make decisions for me, nor take actions for me, unless I allow them to do so. I must do them for myself. I need to take personal responsibility, and it’s on me to do and become what I want.

This goes for you too.

Developing Your Coding Skills While Also Developing Software for Nonprofits

So, lately I’ve been focusing on the core areas of my life that I believe are my gifts and talents. More and more, I’m realizing that I am skilled and have a unique gift in the area of tech. No one ever taught me it, I just gravitated to it naturally ever since I was a kid.

And now that I’m getting back into tech and web development, working with the Fluent Forever app startup, I have been looking into how to consistently and never-endingly improving my tech skills.

I stumbled across FreeCodeCamp here: and I think that this site brings together both of my passions for software development and helping out good causes.

Check it out if you want to improve and sharpen your coding skills, especially in regards to HTML, CSS, Javascript, React and more.

Some of the front-end stuff has been really easy for me so far, and I’m keen to get into the more challenging Javascript and React challenges. I’m also interested to get into the open-source projects for nonprofits.