How to Leave Your Job & Volunteer Overseas in Vietnam: Interview with Hien Tran

In today’s episode of the Social Entrepreneurship Series, we talk with a good friend of mine, Hien Tran who’s an international volunteer from Australia but he’s volunteering in Hanoi, Vietnam.

He’s actually an economist that used to work at the Australian Government Treasury but left his job in order to support a smaller organization there with regards to their economic policies and to help out Vietnam in that way.

Now, why is it important to listen to this particular audio?

The reason is because I recently read an article which talked about how social entrepreneurs can develop their skills or aspiring social entrepreneurs can get involved and get active in 2013.

One of the ways that it sugested was to get yourself to volunteer.

In my experience and in Hien’s experience, volunteering is a great way for you to get exposed to and experience the world and to see the global issues out there: whether it’s economics in Hien’s experience.

If you volunteer for various nonprofit organizations, you’ll be able to engage and understand and experience some of the major problems out there, and perhaps, as you find those problems, you might be able to discover a new solution as you experience it volunteer.

Through volunteering, you might be able to come up with a new social entrepreneurial idea. In many cases, it might inspire you and motivate you and make you driven enough to build an organisation and take initiative.