How to Make Your Goals More Than Just a New Year’s Resolution

The year is fully underway. You’ve probably hit the ground running!

Busy with Life Already in 2011

Remember New Year’s Day when you made those New Year’s resolutions? Have you forgotten about them already due to poor business management? If you’re like the majority of people, your life has probably taken hold of you once again. You’ve got your work life and social life and family life and they’re all demanding your time already.

How in the heck are you actually going to achieve your goals for 2011? And you want to change the world too.

Boost Your Time Management Skills in 2011 with a Simple Device Called a Diary

I suggest you grab a 2011 diary already if you haven’t done so. Some people like to call it a “journal” instead. The month of January and the following months will simply pass you by if you don’t keep track of your time and your priorities. A 2011 diary is a simple way to stay on top of your appointments and your goals.

Go and get a diary that will suit you. Some people like large diaries so that they have space to write all their thoughts and ideas. Other people like diaries that they can fit in their pocket. Some of the more technologically advanced like to have calendars and notes on their mobile phone or handheld computer.

I like to write my ideas which flow to me and I don’t like the restrictions of some of the computer programs and mobile phones, so I like a compact diary that has a page for each day.

How to Use Your Very Own Diary

Once you have your very own diary, I suggest you write down your immediate appointments as they come up. For your goals, I suggest you break down your goals into actionable steps, and then you should schedule those steps into your diary in logical, chronological order.

Every day, use your diary to help remind you of your activities for the day. As new steps for your goals come up, just add them into your diary so that you get it off your mind.

This is how I’m approaching 2011 so that my goals aren’t merely New Year’s resolutions that I think about once, but I’ll be accountable for them and I can monitor my progress throughout the whole year!

Share How You Use Your Diary for Effective Time Mangement And Business Management

How are you making your 2011 goals more than just a New Year’s resolution?