How to Overcome Failure as a Social Entrepreneur



A word which strikes fear in the hearts of many.

But failure is something that we as social entrepreneurs must face in almost all business ideas. Failure itself is an aspect that we must face again and again and again, on our paths to success.

Personal Experiences with ‘Failure’

A few days ago I actually applied for a number of funding grants, for positions, for opportunities on my own personal social entrepreneurial journey and I can tell you, being rejected or facing ‘failures,’ it can hurt sometimes.

But we must overcome it.

A Clear Vision Gives You Motivation to Continue Forward

And to overcome it, you know what I did and what can help you, is to always be clear about what you’re working towards.

Be clear about your vision and your goal and remember the feeling that what you are going for on that path you must realise that these are just the challenges that makes us stronger.

Never, Never, Never Give Up

In the words of Winston Churchill, I would like to inspire you to overcome those failures by: Never, Never, Never giving up.

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