How to Persuade Your Strategic Business Partners

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Strategies To Persuade Business Investors

The best way to persuade investors to put their money in your business is to use rock-solid statistics and estimates to convince prospective partners that your business is a good risk. Your persuasion efforts should have two goals, first to prove the substantial profit potential of our business and second to demonstrate the low-risk factor.

For example, you could estimate your gross revenues for the first year and provide some reasonable basis for the estimate. Then offer a reasonable estimate of your expenses, and if it adds up to a healthy profit you’re off to a good start. To demonstrate the low-risk factor, you can explain why there’s a good chance that investors will not lose their money. You can back this up with evidence including industry growth statistics, a sound marketing plan and examples of similar successful businesses.

How To Persuade Potential Overseas Business Partners

To persuade potential overseas business partners to enter into a joint operation, you should first research their strategies and goals, and then put together a detailed proposal that shows exactly how your business can complement theirs. Reliable delivery of goods and services is one of the essential components of successful businesses, and this is particularly true of those that operate on a global scale.

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You should draw up a brief proposal that includes information on your company, your own background, and the business synergies, efficiencies and competitive leverage that could be created under a cross-border collaboration. You should make sure that you present a win-win scenario for both parties in order to be convincing. Your proposal should also include your corporate vision and the principles that your company stands for.

Techniques to Persuade

You can learn to persuade business partners with many of the same techniques that you use in your private life. Persuasion is not manipulation, as experts draw a clear distinction between the two. Good persuasion techniques can help you in your daily life, and a few tips from experts can change the way that you business partners and friends react to your proposals.

Some of today’s most effecitve persuasion techniques can be found in a book called Persuasion: The Art of Getting What You Want. In this book you learn that the outcome of most persuasive efforts is determined before you ever say a word. Persuasion expert Dave Lakhani breaks down the process in to easy-to-apply steps, and teaches the listener not only how to persuade, but also the biology and psychology behind why the techniques work.