How to Reach 79.69% of Your Crowdfunding Goal in Just 10 Hours + Mass ShoutOut to My Crowdfunding Supporters

In this special episode of the Social Entrepreneurship Series, I give you advice on how to reach 79.69% of your crowdfunding goal in just 10 hours.

Plus, I give a mass shoutout to all my current crowdfunding supporters. Check out:

Why is this episode important for you?

The reason is because many social entrepreneurs and business people, as well as aspiring entrepreneurs especially, feel that they are held back from launching or starting up their venture because they feel that they lack funding.

Well, I give you advice today on how to raise a couple of hundred dollars – or if you want to go bigger, a couple thousand dollars – through crowdfunding.

It’s a new and innovative and technological way to raise funds for your project.

So, why am I in a position to give you advice?

Because I raised 79.69% of my crowdfunding goal in just 10 hours. Check out:

Yesterday I had $0 pledged and for the past 6 days, I had nothing pledged.

But all of a sudden, in just 10 hours, I was able to reach 79.69% of my goal, and I think that’s excting. I’m so excited about it that I want to share my tips and ideas. I’ve got 3 specific tips to help you reach your crowdfunding goal as fast as possible.

I’m just so excited because through crowdfunding, it just opens up a whole new array of possibilities in terms of launching ventures, social entrepreneurship ideas. It’s so exciting!

So stay tuned, and find out how I did that – How I reached close to 80% of my crowdfunding goal in just 10 hours.

Check out:

Mass ShoutOut to My Crowdfunding Supporters

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photo by: Photos by Mavis