How to Win a Social Entrepreneurship Competition: Interview with Kevin Miller, Co-Founder of Pennies4Progress & Winner of UNC Social Business Competition

In today’s episode of the Social Entrepreneurship Series, we talk to Kevin Miller.

He’s the CIO and Co-Founder for Pennies4Progress.

He’s also one of the winners of the 2012 UNC Social Business Competition, where he was actually awarded by the Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Muhammad Yunus.

Why is this interview important to listen to?

It’s important because it can help you figure out how to win a social business or social entrepreneurship competition which can then help you get recognition, get funding, and can even help you network with some of the top social entrepreneurs in the world, like Muhammad Yunus.

So, listen in on this talk.

Kevin also shares some of his ideas about:

  • the risks of social entrepreneurship,
  • how to get funding
  • how he started
  • and also some advice for aspiring social entrepreneurs out there.

So stay tuned, and listen to our talk with Kevin Miller from the United States.

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