How You Can Be a Modern Hero in Your Own Life?

Sure you may not face dragons in your life adventure. You may not have to fight goblins or monsters.

But is that necessarily true?

Social Entrepreneurship & Hero Metaphors

Joseph Campbell points out in his book, The Hero with a Thousand Faces, to the fact that stories often use metaphors, because your subconscious mind and your soul speaks in the language of metaphors. This can be applied in your business ideas.

Sure you may not face a physical dragon. But what about the “dragon” of fear, or the “goblin” of a person whom you have to deal with in your life. What about the “monsters” of pain and suffering that life throws at you?

When we think of these hero metaphors, we begin to feel that heroes and stories are not so imaginary after all. Heroes really can help us in the way we respond and act to real-life situations.

I’ve heard the comparisons being drawn between storybook heroes to everyday heroes. And it sure is intriguing.

Heroes in the real world can be your fire-fighter going in to save a child in a burning home. It can be a single mother, working hard to make ends meet for her children. It can be a person with an illness, who looks past their physical problems, and still thinks positively about life and their circumstances. It could even be a quality father who acts as a role model for his kids, inspiring them to be all that they can be.

Perhaps that’s why Campbell suggests that a hero has “a thousand faces.” Heroes can take can take on many shapes and sizes and attributes. It gives you inspiration that even you can be a hero, too.

6 Characteristics of a Hero

If you want to be a modern hero in your own life, and your social entreprenurial journey, then look at heroes you look up to to start great business ideas.

Notice the positive characteristics that you can actually apply in your life. You can probably notice that in many heroes, they have these sorts of qualities:

  1. Courage
  2. Persistence
  3. Strength – physical or moral or mental or emotional or social
  4. Special Talents – what are your unique talents?
  5. Determination
  6. Desire to Help and Contribute to Others

You’ll notice that as a human being, you can actually take on these “heroic” qualities. What if you were to apply them in your own life, and use these qualities to solve your problems? What if you developed them within yourself?

Social entrepreneurs, in particular, must learn to develop these characteristics within them.