Inspirational Quote: “If you want to go fast…go alone. If you want to go far…go together.”

the buddies. [Photo by notsogoodphotography] (CC BY-SA 3.0)

“If you want to go fast…go alone. If you want to go far…go together.”

Hey All,

This quote really stands out for me at the moment. It reminds me that being a team player is everything if you want to get ahead in life and in business.

At the moment, I’m learning a whole lot more about teamwork in two major areas of life.

1. Teamwork in Life

A few years ago, I would work out on my own. I got results fast, but after a while, I plateaued and I lost momentum as other demands in life took over.

Lately, however, I’ve been working out on a consistent basis with a few of my mates in Sydney. I’ve been doing it for over a month now, and I am noticing some great results, particularly due to the positive affirmations from the other guys as well as the role models of the other guys who are way better than me. Being in a team, I’m forced to step up!

2. Teamwork in Business

I’ve also been trying out alot more collaboration and partnering in my business life and mission. There are some challenges at times, but I know that the ideas and actions that we’re accomplishing now are far more than what I could have achieved on my own.

Who could you partner with to synergize together in various aspects of your life and business?