Interviews with World’s Top Social Entrepreneurs – Help Matt Launch It!

Interviews with World’s Top Social Entrepreneurs from Matthew Alberto on Vimeo.

I’m too embarrassed to use my junk headphones and muffled microphone to interview a Nobel Peace Prize winner. Please help me update my gear so that my Social Entrepreneurship Series can launch, and I can chat to Muhammad Yunus and other famous social entrepreneurs. Oh, and you’ll also help to inspire others to make a positive difference worldwide because I will share all the interviews online.

Launching this series is also a test to see whether people actually want and need this kind of service – or whether I’m just a little crazy? =)

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The Social Entrepreneurship Series by Matthew Alberto is a professional and interesting book and audio interview series of the world’s top social entrepreneurs. My vision is for a series that is designed to inspire and encourage other social entrepreneurs and people who want to change the world with stories, advice and insights from the world’s biggest movers and shakers in the social entrepreneurship space. I am very close, but I need your help to make it a reality.

Be Informed by Social Entrepreneurial Leaders. Each interview will be conducted with a successful social entrepreneur. Many of them will be famous social entrepreneurs. You will learn information about: What are their number 1 strategies for funding and growing their businesses or organizations? Also, find out about advice they give about the skills needed for aspiring social entrepreneurs.

Be Entertained & Inspired by Unique Stories. Each audio and book interview with a social entrepreneur will be filled with fascinating stories from the social entrepreneurs themself. They’ll tell you why they’re passionate about their business, what’s exciting them right now and the story about how they became a social entrepreneur

Join a Community of Like-Minded Social Entrepreneurs.The Social Entrepreneurship Series will also be a catalyst for gathering together like-minded individuals from around the world – People with a burning desire to make a positive difference through setting up their own ventures. We’ll be able to ask your questions to the best social entrepreneurs, and get real answers from people who have succeeded already.
With your support we can create something special and set a template for social entrepreneur and young people to change the world.

So support this project, get your own audios and book interviews of these top social entrepreneurs, and let’s make social entrepreneurship a core part of our lives.

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