Is Social Entrepreneurship Right For You?


Is social entrepreneurship right for you?

I’ve been involved with NGOs and international organizations and social enterprises for a number of years now, and it’s great to see that there are so many people out there in the world with good hearts – wanting to help others, wanting to change the world even through business ideas.

Examine Yourself & Your Knack for Social Entrepreneurship

Now, for you out there, for you good people out there, wanting to make a difference: How do you see yourself making that social impact?

I have to admit, meeting the various people from around the world, I’ve noticed that for some people, social entrepreneurship is not necessarily right for them. And my advice for you out there, is to really look inside of yourselves, and determine whether social entrepreneurship is the best way that you can contribute.

3 Ways That You Can Help Change the World

Now there are a number of different ways that anyone can really help make a difference.

There is, of course, social entrepreneurship and that is one way if you have an innovative idea and you want to make it a reality through creating your own organization.

There’s also the means of volunteering. If contributing for you is something you want to do on the side of your own job, then volunteering could be a social hobby, not so much a social entrepreneurship initiative.

There is, of course, the option of getting involved in a job that is within a social endeavour. You could work for a social enterprise, instead of creating a social enterprise yourself.

Share Your Experience

So there are a number of options, and my message is: Social entrepreneurship is quite a vocation that may not be for everyone, but really look inside yourself to determine what’s right for you, what skills you can offer and what skills you can contribute. Understanding what already exists can help you determine business ideas that do good for you and for others.

Share your experience: How do you see yourself making that social impact?

Is social entrepreneurship right for you?