Marketing Your Social Enterprise


Where does marketing fit in for your social enterprise?

Beyond the Marketing Hype and Sensationalism

Marketing itself is a significant tool for a traditional business and just as it is important for a traditional business marketing also is relevant for social enterprises and those interested in social entrepreneurship.

At times there’s a view that marketing may involve a lot of hype, a lot of sensationalism and social enterprises and social entrepreneurs may be at times feel they want to get away from that hype and therefore want to ignore marketing overall.

Marketing Can Help Spread Your Social Enterprise Message

Marketing itself doesn’t have to be so hyped up and so sensational and so out of line with a social entrepreneur’s mission. In my point of view marketing can be important for social enterprises because it is a way for you to spread your message.

Spreading your message is important because it enables you to get your mission across to other people and through getting it across to other people as much people as you possibly can. You’re more able to gain support, you’re more able to get funding, you’re more able to pursue your social mission easier once other people understand and are comfortable and support your values and your aim for social impact.

So marketing does have a role to play for social enterprises there is of course a specific area which is related to social enterprises and that is cause marketing.

In my next post I will be talking more about cause-related marketing which you can then watch to get a further understanding of how that type of marketing is relevant for your social enterprise or social entrepreneurship venture.