Mixing Celebrity Status with Social Enterprise

Celebrities wield considerable social power and influence and have been known to have traces of entrepreneurial skills.

They’re well known figures. And whether good or bad, they tend to have many followers who look up to them.

Celebrities and Social Enterprise: Is it Possible?

As social enterprises engage in cause-related marketing to spread their message, celebrities who believe in your cause can be very useful for your social enterprise.

Why not use the power of celebrity status to help your social enterprise achieve its mission?

Shoe Revolt, a social enterprise, gives us an example of how to do just that. Check out their recent press releases where they highlight how 2 famous female celebrities are supporting their cause: Sarah Jessica Parker (think ‘Sex and the City’) and Zoe Bell (the stuntwoman from ‘Xena’ and ‘Kill Bill’).

In these articles, the CEO of Shoe Revolt, Ateba Crocker, describes her company as follows:

“Shoe Revolt is a for-profit company intending to stamp out human trafficking by creating a social enterprise to produce a steady revenue stream through the sale of new and used donated shoes. All net profit will be dedicated to fighting human trafficking, with 50 percent going to charitable partner GEMS (Girls Educational and Mentoring Services), and the other 50 percent going to survivor educational scholarships and public advocacy. ShoeRevolt.com is an online shoe boutique that raises awareness of, inspires and empowers women to donate high-end shoes to eradicate human trafficking in the United States with every donated shoe sold.”

  • Sarah Jessica Parker had joined with Shoe Revolt to fight domestic sex trafficking by donating and autographing three pair of her shoes to the online boutique with proceeds going to fund anti-trafficking initiatives.
  • Whereas, Zoe Bell had donated some of her shoes and expressed her anger at the problem of human trafficking:”Sex trafficking is a horrific and shocking truth… These girls and women deserve so much more than what life is offering them. Shoe Revolt is taking a big shoe-shaped light and shining it where there are too many shadows.”

The Social Power of ‘Celebrity’

Celebrities can be an immense asset to your team – from large donations, sponsorship and endorsement.

Of course, I don’t recommend using celebrity endorsement if your social enterprise is unworthy of endorsement. Celebrity-help can add further support to your cause, but first ensure that your social impact is sound and effective. You can learn a lot about entrepreneurial skills through celebrities. Check out Shoe Revolt’s website here.

How do you feel about celebrities helping out social enterprises?