Mobile Phones as Social Innovation in Developing Countries


Today I came across a really interesting article on the internet and it was an article about social innovation and good business ideas.

Connecting People in Developing Countries

One great social innovation at the moment is with regards to mobile technology. Now in developing countries with mobiles being more wide-spread and popular amongst people it’s been easier for different development and humanitarian organisations to be able to tap into and reach out to a greater amount of people because of mobile technology.

Mobile Phones for Micro Loans

One great example of the use of mobile technology that I came across today was the use of mobiles with regards to micro-lending. Micro-financing institutions in developing countries had often faced a major problem when it came to providing loans and business trading to micro-entrepreneurs especially to rural and remote areas. There were higher costs to reach out to them and therefore they had to charge higher interest rates.

With mobile technology however these micro-finance institutions are more able to reach out to entrepreneurs in remote and rural areas and therefore are able to greater scale their operations and expand their social impact.

Mobile technology has been great in terms of communication and terms of connecting people, but it’s also great to see how these technological innovations are having great impacts in terms of social innovation and good business ideas as well.

Your on Mobile Technology for Social Enterprise?

I’d like to open it up to you and ask you what are your thoughts about the impacts of mobile technology for social entrepreneurship? Has mobile technology affected, helped or hindered your social enterprise?