My 14km Run from Sydney City to Bondi Beach

Hey all,

Just did a 14 kilometer run on the weekend, called the City2Surf. It’s an annual run from Sydney city to Bondi Beach, there were about 80,000 people at the event! It was crazy, and there was a great community vibe at the event.

It was the second time that I did it, and this time I was more prepared.

The run starts off at Hyde Park in the city, and you run up and down a number of hills, especially the killer Heartbreak Hill which is a massive hill with twists and turns and a steep incline!

Matthew Alberto at City to Surf

I’m proud to say I conquered the run, and I did alot better than my previous run – in which I faced a number of severe cramps and pain.

This year I was very proud. Here’s my photo finish below!

Matthew Alberto Photo Finish

I’d like to thank all of the guys who I’ve been training with while I’ve been in Sydney. Many of them are my high school mates, as well as my cousins, and I am constantly inspired by their dedication and spirit to succeed and stay healthy.

You may also notice that my name is not on the official City 2 Surf list. In fact, I was using another person’s bib that day, who unfortunately couldn’t make it. I was really sad when I discovered that I wouldn’t have been able to participate this year, but I was happy when I was given the opportunity when I was handed the bib of someone else who pulled out. Thanks Amy!