NBA’s Kevin Garnett and the Belief That: ‘Anything is Possible!’

A young boy dreams big dreams of what lies beyond
Creative Commons License photo credit: kretyen

Last night, I was having a deep and meaning conversation about the belief that “Anything is Possible.”

How does someone come up with that best business ideas in their own life experience? How do they learn about it and then actually believe in it?

The Power of Belief for Social Entrepreneurs

I think it’s a powerful belief to have, and one that social entrepreneurs should foster in their own life. For if anything were truly possible, you would certainly think differently. You would act differently. Your expectations about life and the possibilities for your life and others would be different, too.

Influencing Endless Possibilities

Some who do believe that “anything is possible” may say that it was their parents who influenced this belief. Some may say they were influenced by some of the stories, movies or books that they were exposed to as a child. Often, it takes your own life experience to try try new things and succeed, whether these feats be great or small.

A Kid Inspired by NBA Players who Soared the Skies

As a kid, I loved the NBA. The players who could move and dominate the court inspired me. Those who jumped high into the sky were amazing. I collected basketball cards of the players who I looked up to including MIchael Jordan, whose special edition card was my prize posession. Jordan especially showed the world that humans were capable of soaring the skies in a magnificent way. I still have my basketball card album stored somewhere in my room, including my golden MIchael Jordan card.

Kevin Garnett’s “Anything is Possible!”

To reaffirm the endless possibilities available in your life, I feature below NBA’s Kevin Garnett passionately screaming that “ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!” – a belief that social entrepreneurs should take on in their lives and create best business ideas.