Our Deepest Life Purpose For Growth and Contribution

Creative Commons License photo credit: *Zara

What is your purpose in the world?

The Life Purpose of Leaders

I think that philosophical questions about the purpose of your very exitence can be a meaningful exercise. Sure, sometimes it can lead to a never ending barrage of follow up questions, such as: “Why am I here?” or “Who created humanity?”, and many other interesting and curious questions. However, it can also lead to better business development.

It may often seem like a rhetoric exercise of the brain – somewhat of a thought experiment. Nevertheless, what I’ve concluded for myself is that the purpose of life is a life of purpose. It sounds like a tautology or some sort of circular reasoning, but I stand by it. I believe that we humans are each created with a purpose that we ourselves have to find. Often, this purpose is not necessarily found in external questions. It can often be found within you.

2 of the Deepest Life Purposes of Growth and Contribution

Once you start asking yourself these important questions, I believe that essentially your human existence on this beautiful earth comes down to two fundamental qualities: To grow and to contribute. Everyone may have various purposes in life. I think, however, that the more attuned you are with yourself, the more you realize that your deepest purpose, your deepest human desire, will inevitably be to grow and to contribute. I think its an innately human thing to want to grow and to contribute. It is a natural thing.

Sharing Your Life Purpose

I spoke to a friend who reaffirmed to me his belief in this. He has discovered more of himself by recognizing that even though his life purpose is about entertaining other people and moving them – behind all of this, is the inner drive to grow himself to the best of his abilities, and to contribute to people by sharing an emotional connection with them.

I believe as entrepreneurs, social innovators and passionate people, you too must figure out how your inner passion is linked to your growth and to your contribution to the world in your business development. I believe that if you want to do significant things in your lifetime, you must be significant. I believe that your own understanding of your self worth helps to start this process. In this way, I believe that you will be more fulfilled in your life.

What Do You Think?

I’m curious about your own thoughts. I don’t think there’s a necessarily right or wrong answer here, but it’s interesting!