Overcoming Bureaucracy as a Social Entrepreneur


The problem of many larger social and environmental organizations is the problem of bureaucracy that stops good business ideas from happening.

Bureaucracy, Barriers & Excessive Procedures

Now larger social and environment organisations often have this challenge because of the systems that they have in place. Often those systems are there to ensure a control of corruption, to ensure a control on finances, to ensure a control on the quality of the products and services provided, among many other reasons.

While there are benefits to having the procedures in place, at times it can choke and suffocate an organization from becoming innovative.

Social Entrepreneurship: Starting Up Your Innovative Ideas

Now social entrepreneurship is one interesting cure for bureaucracy.

If you yourself are working for a larger organization and facing lot of ‘red tape’ in order to get meaningful results and positive change to other people and to the world around you, then do consider that you yourself can start up your own organisation or work in a smaller team in order to produce those results and harness innovation.

Social Intrapreneurship: Taking Initiatives From Within

While social entrepreneurship and starting up your own organization is one solution, one other way to overcome bureaucracy is through the notion of intrapreneurship.

Underlining that is the notion that even though there is some bureaucracy, you still have the confidence and you still have the ability to change things. And it does start with having the confidence and drive to believe that you can.

I made a video post recently about the concept of intrepreneurship and I would suggest looking into social entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship, and gaining the entrepreneurial spirit within yourself to build good business ideas.

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