YouTube Cause Related Marketing Video By AShirtBag

YouTube Cause Related Marketing Video By AShirtBag

My Desk [Photo by needoptic] (CC BY-SA 3.0)

AShirtBag is a nonprofit organization that made a cause related marketing video on YouTube promoting simple solutions for eco-friendly living. There are many social networking for business tools that can also help non-profits succeed.

The video highlights seven eco-friendly tips that are easy for people to follow every day to help improve the environment. These include reusing and recycling paper, donating old clothing you no longer use to your favorite charities, turning off the water when you’re not using it and taking a shower instead of a bath. Recycling cans and bottles, turning off the lights and unplugging electronic devices, and planting a tree are all easy ways for people to make a real difference.

AShirtBag has a blog devoted …

Ideas on How to Be a Teen Entrepreneur

Adults are not the only ones able to start their own businesses. There have been plenty of teens who have been able to start their own businesses, as well. If you are looking forward to being your own boss at a young age, you may be able to do such a thing. Actually, if you really want to work hard in order to start a business, you may want some crafty ideas on how to take care of this matter. Many hard-working business owners have their businesses, because they are able to find ideas that can benefit the public and make a profit at the same exact time. If you want to be a teen entrepreneur, you can check out which one of these ides would be great for you.

Garage Organizing/Cleaning Service: This type of business can be quite easy to start. The …

Business Ideas

Rural Home Business Idea If you are thinking of new business ideas, there are many businesses that have had a large amount of success. The US Small Business Administration (SBA)is focused on promoting rural small businesses as they are the heart of their communities. One example of a successful home business idea that benefited from SBA assistance is Fat Brain Toy Company, based in the small Nevada town of Elkhorn. This company develops and markets intellectually challenging games for kids, and has expanded to include thousands of new products. It all began with an idea 8 years ago by web developer Mark Carson to create a site that specialized in educational toys, after he found that there were few such options online at the time. He also realized that many of the custom, specialty toys he wanted to sell were not available in the …

Viral Marketing Campaigns

Viral Marketing Campaigns Viral marketing campaigns have the potential to change a company or transform good business ideas within a short period of time, and managers can utilize this energy to restructure their business and tap new markets. Viral marketing can also cut costs on your other marketing campaigns, and it can rally your employees around an exciting new effort. Giving employees a sense of ownership on the campaign is crucial to making the effort successful, because the best viral marketing campaigns start at the grassroots level. There are some key elements to a good viral marketing program, including focusing attention on what the latest buzz is today, and the use of raw and direct messages that have a personal feel. The focus should be on benefits to employees who participate, and the campaign should rely on direct communications between employees rather than going …

Viral Video on YouTube From the World Vision Gift Catalog 2008

From the World Vision Gift Catalog 2008

Schoolkids at Ha Nqabeni Lesotho greeting me on World Vision visit 1st March 2006 [Photo by Fihliwe] (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Viral Video on YouTube is a great business social networking tool that has inspired many businesses and charities to take advantage of.

A cute, animated short viral video on YouTube for the World Vision Gift Catalog 2008 shows how you can honor someone special in your life by giving a life changing gift in their name to a child or family in need. As the world economy was tanking in 2008, the World Vision Gift Catalog made people’s holiday gift giving dollars go farther by improving the lives of children through affordable World Vision gifts.

For each World Vision gift, the giver can make the purchase in the …

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