Queen Approves Social Enterprises

In a royal show of support of social enterprises and social entrepreneurship, Queen Elizabeth II said in a recent speech:

‘The role of social enterprises, charities and cooperatives in our public services will be enhanced.’

As a result of this speech, the reputation of social enterprises have been boosted through the Queen’s approval of them to improve social impact. Being a relatively new field of entrepreneurial venture, this is very much welcomed.

You can read up more on her speech in the article by Chrisanthi Giotis, over at Social Enterprise Live.

But there is much more to go beyond the mere words of the Queen.

More Support Needed for Social Enterprises

According to the CEO of the Social Enterprise Coalition Peter Holbrook:

‘The next step is to work with the new government to help them realise their ambitions in a way that is both sustainable and strategic, and to push social enterprise into the wider economic agenda.’

Indeed, more guidance and support needs to be given to social enterprises and social entrepreneurs overall. (Hence, our website and our community at MatthewAlberto.com helps pave the way to do just that.)

Nevertheless, in my opinion, it’s great to see the support from UK Royalty of social enterprises as the way of the future.

Because I agree with her.

Share Your Thoughts on the Queen’s Speech

What are your thoughts on the Queen’s support for social enterprises and social entrepreneurship?