Security For Your Business Workplace and Belongings

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One of the main business topics that is concerning me at the moment is business security within your business strategy.

Why? You may ask.

An Unfortunate Sequence of Events

I had the unfortunate experience of getting my home being broken into and my laptop being hacked – all within the same month!

It was a dramatic and stressful experience and one which I would not like to wish upon anyone. The lesson that I took from the entire experience, however, was that as an entrepreneur and social innovator, you have to take responsibility for the security of your business.

You can’t expect that others will look after you all of the time. You need to take charge of your business security.

Beyond Naivaety: Protecting Your Business

Now I understand that my website has consistently emphasised the power and awe of the human spirit, and the potential for you to change the world. I am a positive and optimistic person. There’s no doubt about that. Nevertheless, in going about your business, you will discover that there will be forces out there which will want to steal and maybe even attack what you’ve worked so hard to build.

There’s no use being naive about it… as I was.

As you work hard to change the world with your resources, I would suggest that you must also work hard to protect the resources that you have built up.

How Do You Take Responsibility for Your Business Security?

I would suggest to formulate a plan and strategy for your security. In my case, I realized that both your physical security and your digital security are important. You could devise a security plan for both of these aspects of your business.

Your physical security will involve ensuring your physical safety and the safety of your team at all times. It also includes the security of your personal and business material belongings. In this regard, consider using locks, alarms, lighting and other barriers that will prevent thieves from coming into your premises.

Your digital security refers to ensuring that your computer systems and your business data are protected. You could get computer locks or laptop locks for instance to secure your hardware. You could also purchase antivirus software, internet security software and anti fraud programs so that the integrity of your computer data is kept in tact.

The Price You Pay For Ignoring Your Security

As you go about your business and your work, sometimes you can get caught up with the many string of activities that come your way. Strategies for your security can often be neglected especially when these sorts of incidents have not yet occurred for you.

Nevertheless, there is a risk in neglecting your security within your business strategy. In my case, it meant a roller coaster ride of emotions which included anger and fear once I had experienced a violation of my own security. You also have to spend time and money having to retrieve some of your lost or damaged items.

Share Your Insights on Security From Your Experience

I think this issue is important for social enterprises, non profits and businesses. Have you had any experiences in which your business security was violated? How did you overcome it?