Selling to the Top by David Peoples – Book Review

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Selling to the Top is a must-read book for professional sales people, including social entrepreneurs who are engaged in selling products and services that aim to change the world.

I actually read this book myself in preparation for key meetings with top executives in some of Australia’s largest charitable organizations and companies. I wanted to gain more confidence about how to approach people at the top, and what their interests were and how I should express how I could be of service to them.

Perhaps the book could help you out too.

Book Review: Selling to the Top

Selling to the Top: David Peoples’ Executive Selling Skills is very informative and provides lots of prescient observations and recommendations for developing a systematic approach to attacking an account or sales opportunity.

The book will inspire readers to be more rigorous and strategic in their approach to selling, and the prescribed approach is a useful and effective one. However, it is geared towards those who are selling big ticket items. The book is well-organized and presents the essential communication elements that are needed to motivate a sales prospect to act.

It emphasizes the fact that selling is a person-to-person dynamic, and this emphasis on building relationships provides a welcome relief from many of the other flow-chart and statistics-driven sales books on the market today. The strategy presented in the book is based on empathy for the other person, with a pivotal quote being “Find out what they need, then give it to them.”

One of the downsides that you may notice just from the book cover itself is that the cover looks like something out of the 1990s! Well, the book was originally published in the 1990s, but the content of the book is still very relevant today.

Executive Selling Skills Highlighted in the Book

The fact that people are willing to pay an unusually high price for Selling to the Top is a testament to its value.

Peoples reveals the details behind an executive sales skill set which can help any salesman to take their game to the next level. He reveals how to reach the decision makers at the top of organization and clinch the big sale. The first key ability of a successful salesman is to be able to quickly identify the top decision makers in an organization, and then figure out who is the Dominant Influencer (DI).

The next step is to figure out how to meet with this person, which he claims is easier then most people think. He also highlights the importance of doing background research on this person before you’ve ever met. The book also contains detailed advice on how to develop a detailed plan for calling on executives and how to talk their language by understanding their goals.